Since our creation, we have expanded past our original location and now we even have other branches across the nation. We are lucky to have found like-minded students that share our vision in both Texas and New York. Our newer branches are growing rapidly alongside our main branch in Florida, to create a support system nationwide. 

Vice President
Arpan Bagui
Aaditya Daga
Arjan Kang
Director of Development
Varun Kanneganti
Director of Resources
Ashvin Tyagi
Director of Fundraising
Adam McCormick
Vice President
Matthew Karwan
Safwan Kader
Director of Development
Michelle Wang
Director of Fundraising
Adriana Guerriero
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A By Students For Students Non-Profit

We are a dedicated team of students united to take on the responsibility of helping students win over their socioeconomic hardships and ultimately follow their passions. BestFit strongly believes in the idea of cooperation, and its ability to spark more efficient and quality processes on our end. 

Our mission

The problem is that students are unable to follow their passions because the extracurricular activities they want to do are too expensive. This creates a socioeconomic barrier where certain activities become restricted to certain people, and those who can not afford it are excluded. The mission of the BestFit Foundation is to provide low-income students with the tools they need to be successful, in order to empower student success.


Our vision is a world where a student’s income does not define their success; higher quality education is available for everyone, and people are not judged by the clothes they wear.


The belief in the creation of the BestFit Foundation is that simply an inability to pay for formal clothing shouldn’t mean that you’re deprived of opportunities. We wish to help those that are trying to better their situations by paving their path to success. As an organization, We work to maintain the self-respect of our customers through our services, and never fail to go the extra mile in making sure our actions have the right impact in helping those around us.

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5005 Davenshire Way, Tampa Fl, 33647,

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BestFit FOundation is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit

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